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    Unanswered: Primary Key dilemma

    I have a form, SG Sample_Redone that must match a certified number given to us by the US Government. Due to expansions, this table needs to be broken down in the database according to our main products. I used the SG Sample_Redone form to contain basic information about our product samples. The form then opens other forms to enter specific product information. These other forms must be tracked by our certified number and have no duplicates. I have written a few versions of code (that I did not like) that attempted to notify the user if the number was in existance in another table. I have attatched a portion of the database. Please note that currently the number 6333 exists in the PeasSample table and in the LentilSamples table. I need to prevent such an event from occuring. Any advice or code would be very much appreciated.
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