I'm having a very strange problem using java stored procedure (JSP) with RMI on Oracle with OPS running on a HP-UX 11.

My JSP communicates through RMI with a remote object (in the same machine) to perform some action. However, a strange situation takes place when I try to execute this procedure for the first time on an instance, but only if OPS is used and the other instance is up. The procedure freezes, but it’s not possible to see any the lock. However, any other call to that procedure wills succeed.

I've done some tests and, in the JSP, I saw the code executes till the last line before the returns. For instance, suppose the following method is mapped in a JSP:

Line 1. public static int action(int op) {
Line 2. int result = 0;
Line 3. // do some action ...
Line p. // use the remote object ...
Line n. retur result;

In my situation, the "block" occurs at line n. I believe that something very strange goes on when transforming the Java return into the Oracle return when using the OPS with 2 (or more) instances and loading the class for the first time. Again, when I execute the same thing in the situation but, with only one instance or without OPS, it "works like a charm".

I don't know if the RMI usage has something to do with this. I'm only talking about it in my explanation because I've used other solutions more simple than this one with OPS and 2 instances and no problem happened.

Just more information about my environment:
- I'm generation the RMI stup with rmic -v1.2 option
- The remote object is in each instance, and it is been accessed with IP address.
- The java stored procedure is in fact bind to package functions and procedures.
- No lock can be seeing when this situation takes place. I've left the "locked" session opened and it does not die. I may kill it or not, anyway, the other new created session will work correctly.
- This situation occurs in each instance that has been started-up.

I believe it looks confusing. (Believe-me, I'm confused).

Any help?