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    Talking Unanswered: Database locked by system

    dear sir,

    I am working on RedDot CMS (Content Management System)..
    This is purely a web based allpication..

    Sir i created a project in RedDot CMS using MSSQL server as backend.
    After completing the project . I export the project in to a Folder..

    In another machine ,i install RedDot CMS using Oracle server As backend..
    Before installing .we have to create 3 Schemas
    3.handling Sample project , which create during installation.

    I install successfully.. and i create a new project , before i have to create a scheme for new project.. i create schema and its working successfully..

    The problem when i export the project and again when i reimport with new project name .. its importing .. but i unable 2 inter into project .. its giving a message "Database Lock by System"
    I unable to understand whats the actual problem..

    I will be thanxful if u suggest me.

    Note:.. I am sending u an attachment of Reddot CMS readtext that u can understand the problem.
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