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Thread: DB Help!!!!!

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    Unanswered: DB Help!!!!!

    I have 2 instances. I want to view data in instance2, from instance1

    I am at instance1, and i try to execute this:
    select * from table@dblink2

    and i get ORA-02019, so i then i execute this on instance1:

    select * from all_db_links;

    Owner Username DB_link Host
    PUBLIC|RHE |dblink2 |instance2|

    So, whats missing, there is a DB link created from instance1 to instance2, so why am i not able to view the data from instance2 ????

    Please respond ASAP......

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    Try setting the:


    parameter on both initSID1.ora and initSID2.ora files and re-start the instances.
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