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    Unanswered: ROUNDING Problem

    How do I round up a value ... say 14.035 to 14.04 using VB. It always seems to round down to 14.03.

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    Have you tried changing the data type of your field from a number to currency? If you use the currency data type and set your format to fixed with 2 decimal places, your value will appear as 14.04 but 14.035 will be stored in the field. Currency is more accurate and can help prevent rounding off errors. For further information see Access Help: About data types and field sizes and then select Choosing between a Number or Currency field...tibbsy

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    I'm not sure about it, but if you have a number like 14.035 it will be always rounded to 14.03. Instead if you have 14.036 it will be rounded to 14.04. You should check it!
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