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    Unanswered: Can this be done?

    Is there any way we can link outlook and access.
    The task is to pull information from different MS Outlook calendars(of diff people) and put them in a single new calendar. So that people can see multiple people's schedules at a single place.
    For this I guess we need to connect to Outlook frst and access the outlook calendar information and then populate that date in a new calendar... can we do this? Thanks in advance for your answer/help.

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    yes you can and you can also share calendars from within outlook to other outlook users

    get external datqa link will only allow a user to link to their pst folder though

    so I suggest the following - share the calendaring from within outlook


    you can add to the outlook model of another user (I did this for an installation app several years ago) but **I THINK YOU STILL HAVE TO SHARE THAT FOLDER TO THE USER**.

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    My understanding is that sharing calendars only works when using Exchange Server (or some other third-party utility). I'm not aware that they can be shared with everyone using personal stores but if you know how please let me know.

    In any case you could probably do it using Access as an automation server and create a PST on the server that stores the shared calendar. Then write code to pull appointment items into the shared calendar from each users calendar. You might want to create a table in Access that holds the names of users and the paths to their calendars (definitely don't hard code it).

    For info on how to do it, this article might be a good starting point:;EN-US;290792


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