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    Angry Unanswered: DBLink Oracle trigger

    I have 2 D.B.: Oracle and MySql
    I have the same table in Oracle and MySql and i have the same data, now i have to align MySql Table from Oracle Table, i think to write an Oracle trigger that after Delete/Update/Insert statement in any Oracle Table repeat the same statement through DBLINK in Mysql Table but in a trigger (only in Trigger) i have this error:
    (The following error has occurred:ORA-02047:
    impossibile aggiornare:
    sono stati aggiornati altri database ORA-06512:
    a "TRB.TRG_TSSPC", line 10 ORA-04088:
    errore durante esecuzione del trigger 'TRB.TRG_TSSPC'



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    What makes you think you can do a dblink from Oracle to Mysql?
    - The_Duck
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