several symptoms, one problem (I think)

1) I've encountered SQL-DMO error 21776 saying that "dbo" is not in "Users collection"
this occured when I check the properties on my SA user account.

2) Bulk insert cannot be completed because SQL server cannot see the local C:. It says that the path does not exist.

The probable cause...Novell The files I need for the bulk insert are on a novell server so I loaded "Gateway service for netware" (and client) and had it login to the novell server. I did not enable gateway services. Preferably I want my bulk insert to grab files from the network drive but if need be I guess I can transfer them to the local drive.

so I've done some searches and checked out some FAQs but can't quite find a clear answer of how to remedy this.

I really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.