We have been using Access 97 and an ODBC connection to an Oracle database to do some complex reporting. When we recently upgraded a number of users from Windows NT 4.0 and Win 2000, to Windows XP, the users started getting error messages during the compacting of the databases.

The message states that the user does not have enough permissions to delete the .mdb file--it then renames the file db1.mdb and stops. We don't get this message when the same program is run on a NT or Win2K machine.

We've tried everything that we can think of, in regards to file/folder permissions. The users are setup as part of the local Admin group on their PCs, which should give them Full Control over their entire system. Thinking we might have an inheritance problem, we created a new folder on their C drives, removed all inheritance, copied the mdb's to the new folder, but we are still seeing the error.

A note here: the message does not appear everytime they compact their databases--usually about every 3rd or 4th time.

Microsoft's Knowledgebase had an article (266731) about how similar file permission problems with Window's 2000, but that was fixed in Service Pack 2 for Win2K. I've found no such article for XP.

Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, how did/are you dealing with it?

Thanks for any help you can supply...