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    Unanswered: Dwc07356e

    When I attempt to select objects from a database from the Filter Dialog box with the two check boxes checked, and the text boxes empty. I get this message.

    DWC07356E An agent's processing of a command of type "importTableNames" failed for edition "0" of step "?".
    RC = 7356 RC2 = 8615


    Juan C. Castro

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    Did you check the error message?
    In book Message Reference Volume 1 it states:

    DWC08615E The import table name is case
    sensitive. The name specified is
    either incorrect or does not exist.
    Table name: <table-name>.
    Explanation: The table or tables that you tried
    to import were not found. This error is usually
    caused by an invalid table name or qualifier
    User Response: Check the spelling and the case
    of the table name and qualifier (creator) you
    supplied. On some platforms, these values are
    case sensitive.

    Please also read the Must Read before posting theme in this forum.

    Hope this helps,

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