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    Unanswered: Automating Imaging for Windows from Access


    I'm trying to make Imaging for Windows jump through a few simple hoops from Access 2000 on Windows 2000. However, I can't seem to get the application object assigned to a variable. MS has a lovely object model complete with properties, methods and sample code. Unfortunately the most basic step doesn't work for me:

    Dim app as object

    set app = createobject("IWangImagemaging.Application")

    This fails with Err #429 "Active X component cannot create object." What's it missing?

    I've also tried

    Set app = CreateObject("Imaging.Application") since I found this syntax elsewhere in the MS Library.

    Have I missed a reference? Does it need more information?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Cool Re: Automating Imaging for Windows from Access

    OK, well this was really painful but in the end it worked in Windows 2000!

    Here's the code for any fellow sufferers who come after me:

    Dim ctl As Control
    Dim app As Object
    Dim imgFile As Object
    Dim prn As Long

    Set ctl = Me!oleAttachment

    ctl.Action = acOLEActivate

    Set app = CreateObject("Imaging.application")
    Set imgFile = app.createimageviewerobject(1)
    imgFile.saveCopyas ("C:\Access Links\Yippee.tif")
    prn = imgFile.Print(False) 'Go figure

    Set app = Nothing
    Set imgFile = Nothing

    Don't know why you don't use GetObject since the app is running once you run ctl.Action = acOLEActivate

    Must use SaveCopyAs, SaveAs errors out.

    Never seen anything that prints by setting a long variable to object.print before. Guess I don't get out much.

    I'll be using this to 'automagically' print the OLE images as well as initially to convert embedded (don't blame me, I didn't do it) fields to linked fields in the database. If you need more code for this, email me!


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    Have you tried the latest version of Imaging for Windows ?

    It is suitable for Windows XP and includes OCR.

    It is available from:

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    Yes, but it requires the application of captial budget $ (as opposed to my salary budget $). Hence, it was not an option.

    The code I posted previously worked for Win2K and I was able to get all .tif files to .pdf.

    Then we moved everyone to a Terminal servered environment with everyone on office XP. Adobe Acrobat coughed up a hairball over it. Now, to print, I use Shell but have to specify the default printer. Oye! what a headache!

    Are we having fun yet?

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