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    Unanswered: copy the SSN to a suform in another form

    Ive had a go at this but I cant seem get my act together. To show you what im trying to ive attached the relevant tables and form. I chopped alot stuff out to make it small enought to download.

    Im still trying to get the SSN from the frmReferral current record to copy across to subformClientAddSSN in the frmProposer form.

    What I want the user to do is complete the client details of frmReferrals and the add the SSN in frmProposer. The user uses the drop box to see if the proposer currently exists, if they, user add the SSN to the proposer. If the proposer doesnt exit, the user click add new and I want SSN from the current record from frmReferrals to be inserted in the subformAddSSN. Basically I need to SSN to be inserted in the SSN field in subfrmAddSSN automatically to save users typing it. This reduces error.

    I hope Im making sense.
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