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    Post Unanswered: SYBASE link tables in MS Access

    Hi Folks,

    I am revieving the following error:

    Attempt to BEGIN TRANSACTION in database repdb failed because the database is in standby access mode.

    I have a MS Access 2000 database with a few MS Access tables and also a few SYBASE 12 link tables where the SYBASE database is in Standby by Access mode (read only).

    This error occurs when I run an UPDATE SQL statement to update a MS Access table within MS Access 2000 where the SYBASE link tables are included as part of the WHERE clause.

    I beleive that MS access might be sending a implicit 'begin trans' to the SYBASE even though the SYBASE tables are not being updated.

    Any insights are appreciated.

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    Re: SYBASE link tables in MS Access

    I don't think MS Access is sending a begin tran. The syabse server is probably in unchained mode which means the update is in an implied Begin tran. It appears sybase can't tell which tables are being updated so it puts them in update status with possible upgrade to exclusive if need to update. This, of course, is not allowed in a "Standby/read only" configuration. Might try to put the session in chained mode though I'm not sure if this will help or not. Or break up the update somehow to qualify the Access row to be updated. Need to try and get the update to the MS table only.

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