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    Question Unanswered: why arent my tables updateable?

    Im trying to update a table using DAO, though it keeps spitting back the error that my table is read only. Out of curiosity, I tried this on all of my tables, and by watching the recordset when I was stepping through the procedure I found out that only a handful of my tables cannot be updated, though I dont know why.

    Any help would be greaty appreciated, thank to all who offer advice in advance.

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    are these "standalone" tables or are there relationships to other tables?

    if there are relationships are you creating a new record in the many side without a corresponding record on theh One side?

    are they linked tables or embedded in teh db.

    If they are linked are they in Access format or some other format
    (excell files cannot be updated via a link in Access)

    Exactly what is the error you are getting?

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    I found out what the problem was, the problem was that when I first designed the form I had used the wizard and based it on a specific query, therefore the forms recordsource was bound to that query and its subsequent tables were thereafter nonupdatable. Thanks for the concern though

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