Hello All,
The question is reg. configuring SQL Mail.

When ever I click the Test Button of SQL Mail. The first
time it succeeds. But the next time it gave me
Error 22030: A MAPI error (error number: 87) occured.:

When I try to dig into the SQLServer Agent Log File, I
found the following lines:
[000] Password verification of the 'SQLAgentCmdExec' proxy
account failed (reason: A required privilege is not held
by the client)

I have logged in using Local Administrator Account, and
the services are also running under the same account.
This account has got "System Administrator" Server role.
I tried stopping the services, but the problem is
re-occurring. I even restarted the machine.

Can anyone help in finding a solution. I tried to do a
google but the solution speaks about assigning System
Administrator role to the account( which is already there).

Thanks in advance