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    Unanswered: Inter Database Security

    I have a stored procedure db1.dbo.sp1
    this Stored Procedure grabs data from another database. Say db2.dbo.tbl1

    If i call the qry1.
    how does the security from db2 come in to play? if at all?

    For example, If I am SQL Server Authenticated, for DB1 but not for DB2 will the SP fail. etc.

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    If you have security to db1 but not db2, and you run it as yourself, it will fail.

    Ray Higdon MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA

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    Tnx for the info. I picked up some additional tips and was able to confirm your suggestion on our sql servers over here.

    Is there anyway to use NT Authentication in the first db. Then from within a stored procedure (in the 1st database), access the 2nd database using the sa account?

    I.E. pass a sa login request to the 2nd database.

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