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    Unanswered: Using MySQL but a Basic DB Question.

    I don't know if this is the right place for this question. I have MySQL installed and running etc. etc.

    I want to create a database that has User Names and passwords
    Now, depending on the user name (which i assume will have a primary key of "UserID") i want to be able to only have that specific user's info queried. I will have other tables that will depend on that user's info.

    I don't really know how to go about it.

    Do i just keep using the UserID as the key? Or create separate tables for each User?
    Example(i'm using jAVA)

    I have a diologue box come up and say
    "Enter your user name and password"
    User: Billy
    Password: *******
    It goes to the database and compares the values entered to the ones in the DB.

    (Supposing all the info entered is correct)
    Next it loads the Application.
    I want all the information that is queried from here on out to be Billy's info and not someone elses. How can i do that?

    I can't find any good sites or books on Relational Database.

    Any help you could give would be awesome.

    my brain is crying.


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    Cool Re: Using MySQL but a Basic DB Question.

    You could put all the information relating to your user in one
    USER table with the primary key being USERID. Or, if you
    wanted to store multiple occurrences of a Users login history,
    you could create a second table called transactions which might
    contain a primary key of UserId and TransactionDate. This would
    create a one to many relationship between the USER table and the
    TRANSACTION table. Creating the secondary table (TRANSACTION)
    in order to eliminate redundant data in the USER table is called

    UserId (PK)

    UserId (PK)
    TransactionDate (PK)

    Yazoo Software

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