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    Unanswered: W2K & Access 2000 - Horribly Slow - Help!

    I have a system with 5 users running on Windows 2000 Professional Workstations and with the backend of about 40 MB sitting on a server running Windows 2000 server.

    When one user opens the database through a local Access front-end everything is fine: the system checks all tables are attached and s/he is in within 2 seconds. When subsequent users log on, Access turns into a lethargic snail on tranquilizers and it takes up to a minute or more to get in.

    I don’t think the problem is the code as I created a simple front end with no code whatsoever. Moreover, even trying to refresh the links can take more than a minute. I also tried a dummy backend – and saw the same behaviour.

    I have tried changing the switch/hub but to no avail. Also, taking note of a thread here ... I have moved the backend to the root of the server.

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    there is a thing with win2k server called oportunistic locking. since I am not into servers to much, I can't tell you if that's your case, but I suggest you try putting your database (backend) on a regular computer (shared folder), and test it. my databses are also on file server and about the same size, with same win2k pro and server config, but I don't have those problems. the thing with relinking is for fact slow if someone else has database already open.

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