Hi all,

I am wandering how should be the design of a database for a directory web site. I am not buildig a huge one like yahoo but still need help.

my situation:
I am building a web site that will act as an estate agent and property directory.. the site will also offer relevant info such as movers, insurance companies etc to visitors. I need to do them in a directory views like yahoo. I can't figure out how should i design the tables.

I have two categories so I have the tblCat table having
CatID and CatName. These are 1 - Companies, 2 - Classifieds (3 - Resources - will tell about this later on.)

now.. the presentation can be in different ways..
scenario 1: The visitor clicks on "Classifieds" link.. They will be presented with a directory style under the topic countries.. That would go like:
US > Arizona > Villas > John's Villa (where John's Villa is the last level and when they click on it they will be presented with John's Villa's details)

scenario 2: The visitor clicks on "Companies" link.. They will be presented with a directory style again.. lets say they go like this:
US > Arizona > Movers > John's Mover Company.. Now one possible way would also be:
US > Arizona > Insurance Companies > House Insurance > John's Insurance Company..

As you see, not only both classifieds and comapnies have common fields like country but also they may differ in levels..

scenario 3: Now lets say i also have a resources section and the visitor goes:
Resources > Documents > Buyer's Guides

now as you realize, this one doesn't have aything common with the previous ones (no countries)

any help will be appreciated on how should i design this table or tables


Kemal Emin