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    Unanswered: import

    hi all ,

    I have export dump file taken in 8i on win 2k which i want to import
    into test database with flollowing command.

    > imp system/...... file=c:\expdat.dmp log=c:\imp.log full=y rows=y ignore=y

    When i import it then my import log displays so many errors like
    row rejected errors .unique key violation etc.and terminates it
    "compilation successfully with warnings"

    My questions is "How can we import a full export dump file into test db" ?

    immediate reply is requested.

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    For one, do you have duplicate table-names in your current db environment or is it an empty environment?

    Two - Do you absolutely need to import FULL or do you really only have a few schemas you want to import?

    Sounds like you already have tables with data in your current db and that is why you are getting errors.

    If you have no tables in your current DB then maybe you should consider importing with no constraints.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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    hi the_Duck

    My test db contains schemas and tables and data of last week . Now
    I want to import data from last week to today.

    How can i acheive it with full export dump file ?

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