Hi forum!! I am starting in work at programming with Perl on ASA database, I have previous experience working with MySQL and Perl, here normally after executed a select statement it΄s possible to get the amount of rows returned through the $DBI::rows variable, in ASA when I perform a select the $DBI::rows lets the negative value expected, e.g. I have a query that I know this must to give 508 rows , but this gives -508 rows as reply, and for a query that is expected to give me 0 rows , depending the table that I access, I get -64, -128 or some cases I got -2031 values, I can see these values are the negative of the message returned when using dbisql that says e.g:

"Estimated 253 rows in query (I/O estimate 93)"

the above is using dbisql for the query execution, but with the same query with Perl I get the -253 value.

Please could someone tellme where I could to search for this problem? or give some hint?

Thank you in advance