Hi, I have a Firebird running on Linux and some clients running win98 or WinXP. Those clients use a delphi application which uses the BDE to connect to the database.

The problem is:
when connecting from WinXP, everything runs perfectly well and it takes about 7 seconds to start the whole application and connect to db, but when doing the same on Win98, it takes about 45 seconds do start the application. I had monitored the packets and found out the connection takes less than a second (in both cases, WinXP and Win98), but on Win98, it takes almost 42 seconds to the desktop initiates to send the packets to get the connection done.

It seems that there is some problem in the set Win98+BDEforWin98+MyApp.

Does anybody there have any ideas about this problem or how to solve it?

Thanks a lot