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    Unanswered: Severe performance issues with SQL2000


    I am working on an application which involves 16 video camera streaming video feeds 24X7. The cameras are attached with video sensors, so whenever a motion is detected, the cameras start recording an AVI file. The file can be upto 15 mins long. Once the file is recorded, the application copies it to a folder on my hard drive.

    I have created a application, which runs every 30 seconds to check if there is a new file on hard drive. If a new file is found on the hard drive, it copies it over to SQL table and deletes from hard drive.

    While testing the application, I found that copying anything above 50 MB size is a nightmare. The memory utilization goes upto 2 Gigabyte for 250 MB file( I checked with Task Manager). Although I am using P4 2.4 GHz dual processor with 1 GB RAM, I am getting low virtual memory exception. The application then crashes without storing video to database.

    My code browses the folder on my hard drive and searches for new file sequentially. If a new file is found, it is captured as a FileStream object. While debugging the application, I found that capturing the file in FileStrem object does not take much time or memory. It is when I try to execute the query and try to save the video to database.

    Sample code looks like: (This is just sample, actual working code is quite different)
    Dim da As New SqlDataAdapter _
    ("Select * From binary_data15", con)
    Dim fs1 As New FileStream _
    (“C:\dsr-videp\A.avi”, FileMode.OpenOrCreate, _
    Dim MyCB As SqlCommandBuilder = New SqlCommandBuilder(da)
    Dim ds As New DataSet()
    Dim fsi As FileSystemInfo
    da.MissingSchemaAction = MissingSchemaAction.AddWithKey
    da.Fill(ds, "binary_data15")

    For Each fsi In dir.GetFileSystemInfos()

    Dim strFileSize = fs1.Length
    Dim strCameraFolder As String
    Dim strDateFolder As String
    Dim MyData1(fs1.Length) As Byte
    fs1.Read(MyData1, 0, fs1.Length)
    Dim myRow1 As DataRow
    myRow1 = ds.Tables("binary_data15").NewRow()
    myRow1("imgField") = MyData1
    myRow1("FileName") = strFullName
    myRow1("DateCreated") = strDateFolder
    myRow1("CameraNo") = strCameraFolder
    myRow1("FileSize") = strFileSize
    myRow1("CreatedTime") = creationTime.ToString
    myRow1("Description") = "This would be description text"
    da.Update(ds, "binary_data15")

    Next fsi
    Please see if anyone can help!!!!!

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    Try loading the data in chunks instead of all at once.
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