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    Unanswered: Urgent - Please Help

    I have a dBase that primarily has 3 tables (Classes, Exhibitors, Placings)

    My boss wants a form that would allow Exhibitors to enter into a class based on their "Status" (in a related table "Clubs"). I have tried to use a query and it works somewhat, It shows only the classes the person is eligible to enter, but if a person inadverantly enters a class they are not eligible for, then it will allow that exhibitor to be enter it.

    I need some way to limit the entry based only on the query or so that the combo box looks at two different tables based on the person's status.

    I am not sure what would best and I am on a VERY shoprt timeline.

    Any help would GREATLY be appreciated!!!!


    This is the SQL of the Query I am using:
    SELECT [Classes&Premiums].ClassNo, [Classes&Premiums].ClassDesc, Exhibitors.ExhibitorNo
    FROM Exhibitors, [Classes&Premiums]
    WHERE (((Exhibitors.ExhibitorNo)=[Forms]![frmPlacings]![ExhibitorNo]) AND ((IIf([Forms]![frmPlacings]![ExhibitorNo]<500,[Classes&Premiums].[ClassNo]>0,[Classes&Premiums].[ClassNo]>2000))<>False))
    ORDER BY [Classes&Premiums].ClassNo;

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    -you have a query that returns the restricted list you want.
    -you have a form where users are supposed to select from the restricted list.

    give the users a combo (restrict to list) using your query as rowsource.


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