I use DElphi 7 pro, i am looking to make the soft with database Mysql
So i can connect i can create but
when i modify it doesn't save it at all

I use dbexpress without any .dll
i use this component :
TSQLTable TDataSetProvider TClientDataSet TDataSource

and with it i send the data to the table :

procedure TDM.cdsCarsAfterPost(DataSet: TDataSet); begin (DataSet as TClientDataSet).ApplyUpdates(-1); end;

THis is the event :

procedure TDM.cdsCustomersReconcileError(DataSet: TCustomClientDataSet;
E: EReconcileError; UpdateKind: TUpdateKind;
var Action: TReconcileAction);
case UpdateKind of
ukModify: showmessage('Modify');
ukInsert: showmessage('Insert');
ukDelete: showmessage('Delete');

case Action of
raSkip : showmessage('Skip');
raAbort : showmessage('Abort');
raMerge : showmessage('Merge');
raCorrect : showmessage('Correct');
raCancel : showmessage('Cancel');
raRefresh : showmessage('Refresh');

So when i want to modify i get the message showmessage('Skip');

If someone can help please :-)