We are running Sybase server on a GS160 FDDI cluster with VMS 7.3 with tcp stack version 5.3 eco 2.

We use a double cpu but defined "max engines" as 1.

We found the server in MUTEX. Just before that, it was noticed that it consumed 85% of BYTLM was consumed. When it was in MUTEX, it was 100 consumed.

All quotas are at least the subscribed values and BYTLM is even 3 times the asked value. Only DIOLM was put by accident on a 20% lower value.

After the MUTEX node was crashed (booted), the companion took over but reported 2 corrupt tables. When restarting the server another time,
the corruption was gone.

Did anyone have the same problem ?
Does anyone knows what was exactly certified by Sybase ?
Does anyone knows how these quotas are exactly used by Sybase ?