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    Unanswered: SQL Syntax Problem

    Hi All,

    I am having a little problem with an SQL statement.
    The development being done is in Access not SQL Server

    The table looks something like this

    id Person Dept WageSegment
    ----------- ---------- ---------- ----------------------
    1 John Veg 10
    2 John Veg 5
    3 John Veg 1
    4 Mary Cash 15
    5 Mary Cash 4
    6 Mary Cash 2

    I want to return each individual Person, department and wage record and then the total for each individual combination of person and department. I can do this in T-SQL as follows:

    Using 'select person, dept, sum(wage) as Wage from table1
    group by person, dept,wage with rollup'
    I can achieve the following results:

    person dept Wage
    ---------- ---------- -----------
    John Veg 1
    John Veg 5
    John Veg 10
    John Veg 16
    John NULL 16
    Mary Cash 2
    Mary Cash 4
    Mary Cash 15
    Mary Cash 21
    Mary NULL 21
    NULL NULL 37

    This gives me the individual records and the total for each individual/departmental combination. However as far as I know rollup is not available in Access.

    Does anyone have any idea of an alternative syntax which is Access friendly and will return all the relevant data?

    Any help appreciated,


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    your example query is invalid but i understand what you meant
    select person, dept, sum(wage) as WageSum
      from table1 
        by person, dept
    union all
    select person, null, sum(wage) 
      from table1 
        by person
        by 1, 2

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