I've been developing a database for a department in a local organisation. The database is in Microsoft Access and uses tables, queries, forms and reports. Written into the forms is vast amounts of visual basic. There are also a couple of macros.

In the time I've been developing this database (a year now, as I went back to university, and then finished university and returned to finish off the DB) the organisation I've been working for have decided to start using MS SQL. The department I am working for aren't to happy as not only my database but most of theirs are in Access and no one seems to have actually used SQL or know anything much about it.

Basically, I need to learn about how to convert from Access to SQL. I understand we use the upsizing wizard. I've managed to track down some of the rules I have to use in the conversion (like no spaces in names, no apostrophes etc), but I'd like to know if anyone could tell me more about the upsizing procedure. I'm also concerned about the vast amounts of forms I've made (It's a 109mb database with no data - all down to the forms!). What happens to these? Does SQL use forms, or will all of these be lost? And what about queries?

Any information from someone who has knowledge of these things would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,