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    Unanswered: Form REQUERY


    i have a small form in my principal form. The link between the both form is an invoice number. When i update the invoice number (in VBA code), i do a Requery on my small form, to show the good information with the new invoice number, but that don't work.


    I don't know why that don't work, but i really need that !

    Please help me quickly !

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    is your code in the principal form module??

    the principal from is named frmPrincipal

    in design view of frmPrincipal with the properties window open on the Others tab, click on formPrincipal NOT in the subform area and then click again ONCE in the subform area: properties/other/name tells you what access thinks the subform is called (which may not be what you think it should be called!).
    assume that this prop/other/name = Subform1

    now your requery line should read:
    (substitute real names of course)


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