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    Unanswered: About stored procedures (cont)

    Hi, I have set permissions for calling SP via the command:

    GRANT EXECUTE ON myprocedure TO dba

    the simplest SP I have only perform updates, this looks like:

    create procedure dba.nr_releaseLease(@address varchar(15))
    update nr_lease set expires = getdate(*) where
    address = @address

    When I call remotelly this SP, this perform the expected task. However, also I have more elaborated SP that uses cursors (dynamic scroll cursors) that I will attach to this message. When I call remotely this SP, only the tasks related with "select" statements are performed but the related with "update" doesn´t are performed. Please could someone to help me seeing what considerations I must to have for my SP works?

    thank you.

    PS. I must tell you all my SP works fine when called locally.
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