Sorry to bother you guys once more. This is such a good forum, I can always have my question answered. all right, this time is another problem with my development center environment:

Once I closed the development center, and re-opened, part of my SP, UDFs are gone. But they are there in the database, I could see them in the server view, or control center. Even after I import them from the database, the messages shows successfully imported, but still nothing in the navigator?! I then try to check the project path in my file system, the files are there too, except they are in the same name, like "FUNCTION 1", but the content are what I expected. I understand it is the default name when you created a UDF, or SP in development center, but it was changed.

sorry, the statement is a little bit too long, so does anyone know where should I change settings or something else to make the view correct? I'd appreciate.