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    Exclamation Unanswered: Reference to a Table

    good afternoon folks. this is my problem.

    I have three table (pushups, situps, 2-mile)
    in each table I have age, total of and points columns
    I want to calculate the points that I'll receive for total of

    I type 70 pushups and I supose to have 85 point s for this pushups. the same with situps and the 2-miles. How I can do this

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    Re: Reference to a Table

    it is difficult to see from your post what exactly you want to do, but it seems to me that you have your database designed wrong.....

    you should have following tables (I guess that you track your info for more people and for more phisycal categories):

    1 all infomation about candidates including age, etc.

    2 all categories (push ups, situps, etc.)

    on these two set a primary key to a number (integer)

    table 3 should list all results per candidate per category so it should be something like

    primary key - number

    candidate key - number (copy key from table 1)

    category key - number (copy key from table 2)

    result - number (float or double)

    and you can add more fields, like date or something like that....

    now to calculate something and have a list you'll need to create a query with a formula in it.....

    if the above thing is what you need and you can do it, let me know and I'll explain query that you need.....

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