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    Talking Unanswered: My older pc is faster then my new server.

    Dear All Expert,

    I have three machine:
    1. PC Pentium III 500 IDE Controler
    2. Server Pentium III 500 SCSI Controler Raid V configuration, RAM 1 GB
    3. Server Pentium III 1000 Raid V configuration, RAM 2 GB.

    Each machine has sybase 11.5 installed. When i execute heavy stored procedure inside the sybase database, machine no 3 which has the most powerfull configuration, run the slowest among the three.

    I was surprised and i do not know what is the reason.

    I try to use other machine's sybase configuration file,still do not improve the performance.

    One think i noticed, is when i execute that stored procedure machine no3 has high disk activity. But i guess other machine(1/2) also got disk activity but it finish faster.

    Anybody can suggesst what should i do?

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    Re: My older pc is faster then my new server.

    Try to run sp_sysmon and analyze the out put.
    check memory allocations like shared memory,data cache etc.
    must be something to do with configuration.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Re: My older pc is faster then my new server.

    I think the Raid V implementations may be different between the platforms.

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