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    Smile Unanswered: Filter by form not working right on subform

    I have a fairly simple database. It consists of a master table called "companies" and then a bunch of other tables like "regions" and "products". Each of those other tables is set up to be related to the master table through a field called ID.

    I created a form that lets me edit data and add records for the master table and all the related tables using subforms. It seems to work fine.

    Also, I found out about the "filter by form" button and tried it and it brings up the same editing form with the option to enter filter criteria.

    Here's my problem. If I enter data in any of the fields that are part of the master table, it filters just fine when I then click on the "apply filter" button.

    However, the subforms on my form do not seem to filter properly. For example I will click on the "Products" subform (on this same form), select a product from the pick list and then click on "apply filter". It returns "all" records instead of ones that match the subform criteria I just picked.

    I also noticed that each subform has its own "Look for" and "Or" tabs as does the master table form.

    So, my question is this. With a form that includes my master table and a bunch of subforms for the related tables, if I want to use the "filter by form" button to make searches easier, how do I get the criteria I specify in the subforms fields to take effect when I click "apply filter"?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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    Access filter by form doesn't work that way. Entering filtering parameters in a subform only restricts records in the subform.

    Take a look at

    They have a filter by form module that will bind itself to the current form which can contain subforms and nested subforms. It will restrict records in the main form based on criteria entered for the subforms (any or all of them).

    e.g. order headers with order items subform can be filtered to display all orders that included product X

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    Filter by form

    Ok, thanks for the tip. I will check out the URL you gave to me.

    Have a nice holiday coming up!


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