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    Question Unanswered: Recordset Object Losing Values, other oddities

    I'm building a simple front-end to a meta database that I have using old style ASP and JavaScript. Something has gone way haywire and I can't figure out what it is.

    Seems if you retrieve a Recordset object and then start accessing some of the fields, other fields will lose their values. For example, I pull back a Recordset with a bunch of id's, names, and descriptions in it. If I use the name and the id to create a unique name for a field (Recordset.Fields("name") + "-" + Recordset.Fields("id")), then try to access the description field later, it will be empty undefined - in ALL rows.

    Another oddity I'm noticing is that the syntax is no longer working. I can't traverse ServerVariables or Request.Form fields with using a loop instead. No error is thrown, but no results are retrieved, either.

    I'm not sure when the trouble started - seems like it might have been when I tried to use ASP.NET to build this app (too much trouble to learn it for this little app). I've tried uninstalling it (aspnet_regiis.exe -ua), but I still get the same behavior. It's almost like the script host is buggered up or something.

    This is a very fresh Windows XP Pro install (recovering from a very hard disk crash), so it should be pretty clean. .NET Framework 1.1, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3, Visual Interdev 6.0 (although I just noticed I didn't put SP5 in - maybe that will fix it).

    Anyway, it's just plain weird and I wondered if anyone else had seen it. I'll try the service pack and see if that makes any difference.

    [EDIT] It was a little naive to think that the SP would make any difference, but I'm clutching at straws here.
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    I can offer to use the GetRows method.

    Is this code working on your system:?

    	function ForInDemo()
    	// Create some variables.
    	var a, key, s = "";
    	// Initialize object.
    	a = {"a" : "Athens" , "b" : "Belgrade", "c" : "Cairo"}
    	// Iterate the properties.
    	for (key in a)
    		s += key + " " + a[key] + "<BR>";

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    [SIZE=1]Originally posted by aliayen
    I can offer to use the GetRows method.
    I tried using GetRows() yesterday... all I got was an undefined array.

    I haven't been able to get to work on any object.

    Something is seriously screwed on my system. I finally just ditched it all, installed Apache and started converting it to PHP. I took out IIS so Apache could have port 80, so I can't run any additional tests at the moment. Maybe if I reinstall it, it will mend itself. We'll see. The PHP is coming along quite quickly, so I may not bother trying to diagnose the problem.

    I have not tested to see if syntax works in client side JavaScript. That might give me a clue as to whether it's in the script host, or if it's a problem with the way ASP is accessing its variables.

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