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    Unanswered: ms access - conversion problem

    i have a ms access 97 db and want to access it with a both an access 97 and an access 2000 client. the problem is that when i access the database with the 2000 client it converts it to the access 2000 format and i cannot access it with an access 97 client. does anybody know how to solve this problem ?

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    split database into front end and back end:

    tools => database utilities => database splitter

    this will create one database with forms/reports and the other with tables only....

    now you can convert front end to approprate version per client, and keep back end in 97.....

    warning: this can cause a problem of back end database corruption!
    I've had this situation when we migrated from 97 to XP, and some clients were on 97 while others were on XP

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