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Thread: sybase error

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    Question Unanswered: sybase error

    Is there any stored procedure or command to search sybase SQL error code.

    for informix example, <finderr 201> will give me the following output.

    $finderr 201
    -201 A syntax error has occurred.

    This is the general error code for all types of mistakes in the
    form of an SQL statement. Look for missing or extra
    punctuation (for example, missing or extra commas,
    omission of parentheses around a subquery, etc.), keywords
    misspelled (for example VALEUS for VALUES), keywords
    misused (for example, SET in an INSERT statement, INTO in
    a subquery), keywords out of sequence (for example a
    condition of "value IS NOT" instead of "NOT value IS"), or the
    use of a reserved word as an identifier.

    Important: Database servers that support "full NIST
    compliance" do not reserve any words; queries that work
    with these database servers may fail with error -201 when
    used with earlier implementations.

    How about SYBASE ??
    What is the fastest way to search for error code meaning.

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    I don't know if a built-in function exists,

    you could simply run the following;

    1> select * from sysmessages where error=201
    2> go
    error severity dlevel description langid sqlstate
    ----------- -------- -----------------------------------------------
    201 16 2 Procedure %.*s expects parameter %.*s, which was not supplied.

    (1 row affected)



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