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    Unanswered: Install oracle 8.1.7 on win2000 professional

    Oracle 8.1.7 is said to support win2000 professional OS. But I can not install it on my machine, on which win2000 professional OS is installed. All three versions of oracle 8.1.7, personal edition, enterprise edition and standard edition, are tried and none of them could.

    Another interesting thing is that there is not a single error message for the failure. After I double-click the setup.exe, it seems running because the mouse becomes a sandglass. But nothing happens--except the sandglass becomes back the mouse.

    Anybody encounters this problem before? why?

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    I guess you're on a P4?

    If so check this link...


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    Yah....Solved now.

    I can feel the disagreement between java and p4, especially for jdk 1.4.x. Runnng some small java programs will often hang the whole system so that I must reboot. Now I find another disagreement.

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