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    Unanswered: Searching through records

    I'm trying to do a search by using the Access query(not vba) to serach for all records that is not in a another database but was unsuccessful with it. I have try the vba way but the filter and find method to search for social security number is too slow. if it was a string, it can search for it quickly (I dont know why though, i'm curious about it) Anyways, here is what i'm doing now. The MinUnitData table is the new data and I want to scan the mwpat table to see if the "PatientID" is in the security number table.

    I have try the not and not like, and it didn't work for me
    SELECT MinUnitData.PatientID
    FROM MinUnitData INNER JOIN mwpat ON MinUnitData.PatientID = mwpat.[Social Security Number]
    WHERE ((Not (MinUnitData.PatientID)=[mwpat].[social security number]));

    What else can I do?
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    the query wizard has a "find unmatched" option. even if the wizard doesn't directly fit your situation, you can view the SQL to see the syntax.


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    It took me a while to find the "Find Unmatched" query. You have to click on the NEW button actually.

    Thanks it worked but I dont understand how it works though. I'm seeing there is an relationship arrow pointing to mwpat table? What is it? Also, why is the security number criteria set to Null.

    Here is a screen shot of the query.

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