Can anyone help me? Im getting a MssCi Failure Audit error in the event viewer under applications on my main server. Im a network analyst that inherited a small level one network that consists of 10 workstations and one server that only runs SQL 7.0 and one other application called FOIAXpress.

Everything seems to be running just fine right now, but I would really like to know what this error means and what could have caused it. It started yesterday afternoon around 3:00 and continued every 5-10 minutes up until 6:00 this morning. Ive never seen it before. The company that makes the FOIAXpress software has technical staff, but on the side I would like to find out what the problem is just to get a better idea of how SQL operates. Ive already tried searching MS knowledge base and was unsuccessful. Any ideas or comments are welcome. Also, if you need more information I can provide that as well.

Thanks in advance.

Error message:

Date 8/5/2003
Type: Failure
Source: MssCi
Event ID: 4105

Master merge cannot be started on e:\mssql7\ftdata\sql0001000006\build\indexer\cifil es\ due to error 3221225488.

Server configuration:
933 Mhz/ 1084 MB
Windows 2000 Server
MS Office 2000 Professional Suite
SQL Server 7.0 used with FoiaXpress
Runs the FoiaXpress software
DLT tape backup