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    Red face Unanswered: append from a not coincident query

    I have two tables (OPERATION and INFORM). Both of those tables have the common field named OPERATION. The relations between them are OPERATION (one) to INFORM (many), (one to many). It is necesary that all the OPERATION fiels in OPERATION table could have at least one OPERATION field in INFORM, but also that I could delete registers in the table INFORM. With Access assistant I made a query for searching not coincident between those tables in order to obtain the OPERATION fields in OPERATION table that do not exist in OPERATION field in INFORM table. I would like that if there is a non coincidente OPERATION FIELD, it could be append to the INFORM table.
    The other way could be to do not permit to delete at least the first field in INFORM table.

    Can someone help me please.
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