Here is a list of this control futures:

1. Login in to MS SQL Server
2. Backup, repair and restore databases
3. Upload databases and delete databases
4. Control the server (Start, Stop, Pause and Continue)
5. Check Server Status (Started, Stoped or Paused)
5. Check connection if active to server or not
6. List databases in the MS SQL Server, list teables and fields in table
7. Open connection with database and SQL statments (like select)
8. Save any file to Binary Field in table (like upload picture to table)
9. Display picture saved in database field to object (like Picture control)
10. Save a file from database field (like picture or txt files) to harddisk
11. Check if EOF or BOF
12. Find any record easy
13. Add, Edit, Update and Delete records
14. Bind the database fields to VB Objects (like Text Box or Label)
15. Bind the database table to MSFLEXGRID32 control
16. Handle All errors easy (no visible run time or desgin time errors), all hadled by name & num.

Its the easiest, coolest code ever seen! You can learn even how to upload and download files from MS SQL Server! Its learning control and can be used for your projects as well!

Here is this control link:

(copy the aboce link all and paste it on your browser and hit enter, the main page for this control will appear, scroll down and click on Download Code.

If you have any question just e-mail me:

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