I noticed a lot of people here had used the methods found in Russ whitney (SQL Mag) article regarding dimension security. Personally, I thought it was a great idea and simple never the less to implement. But when the implementation came we encountered a lot of problems. Here's a summry of what we did.

We used BI accelerator for our datawarehouse project. In this, we included the security cubes and Dimensions that Mr. Whitney has suggested. When we finally implemented the idea, problems just started to show up.

1. I think this does not support dimensions that has multiple hiearchies especially the ones that uses base-ons.
3. Access denied during test roles.
4. Cannot evaluate MDX during role entry

We were left with the option of doing the security cubes and dimensions manually. It lessened the errors that we got but some of the problems didnt go away including the fact that the idea doesnt support multiple dimension hiearchies.

Anyone wanna comment on this? Stand with me or prove that I'm wrong. Any help would be appreciated.