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    Unanswered: Multi select list box


    I have a multi select list box in my form, when I select the items from list I want to be able to store them in a separate table, which I can use later for querying.

    This seems to involve visual basic coding. I am not well versed with it. I am not sure where t start looking for a solution.

    Could anyone help me out with this?


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    First give your list box a cool name, like MYLISTBOX.
    Then you'll find in VBA a element in your form called mylistbox.
    And this element has methods and properties.

    Example (where me points to your form):
    for i=0 to me.mylistbox.listcount-1
    if me.mylistbox.itemdata(i).selected then ...
    next i

    hope this was not too short...

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