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    Unanswered: Varchar vs NVarchar

    I have tested my ASP codings taking data from varchar tables
    and NVarchar tables.

    Both are able to return readeable chinese characters.

    Its just a matter of how I store it and how I call it out to be displayed.

    Using only varchar, I won't need to put the "N" to denote unicode string for my scripts.

    So what I don't understand is why most people prefer storing chinese characters in Nvarchar ?

    Anybody care to explain the benefits of Nvarchar vs Varchar for my intention ?

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    If you install your database on a server with a different character set, your varchar fields will use the new character set while the nvarchar will still show as chinese characters.

    For international language support, use nchar and nvarchar. Otherwise, use char and varchar because they take up half as much space.


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