I have an Analysis Server DB with three dimensions and two facts (prototype).
The dimensions are:
Data Load Date
Forecast Date

The facts are:
Forecasted Demand and
Forecasted Inventory.

Using Office Web Controls, I would like to build a report that looks like the following.

May June July
Demand 100 150 80
Inventory 90 80 70

The trick is:
The demand and inventory numbers should each (effectively) use a different slicer based on the month. The May numbers should use a data load date of 5/1, the June Numbers should use 6/1, etc.

So I created a calculated member of:

The problem is that it only returns data for the first period even though there is data for the second report period. (In other words, I get the proper numbers for may, but I don't get any results for June).

Any help would be appreciated. I have a sample SQL & AS DB if anyone would care to look.

Rich millman