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    Unanswered: SQL Server and Access record locking

    I have an Access front end. The back end are sql server tables. Does this mess up the way Access locks records? for example, when i set both the form and database to lock edited records, i can still edit a record on computer 2 after i've changed but not saved the same record from computer 1.

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    My understand of the senario is:

    1) Computer 2 reads record (shared lock)
    2) Computer 2 has record,viewable in Access (no lock)
    3) Computer 1 reads record (shared lock)
    4) Computer 1 has record,viewable in Access (no lock)
    5) Computer 1 update record (update lock)
    6) Computer 2 update record over writes computer 1 changes(update lock)

    You will need to implement your own logic if you wish computer 2 to maintain a lock on a record while view to prevent computer 1 from reading and changing.

    This is not a good idea if computer 2 reads obtains lockout and then goes for a break or answer a phone call. You would need to implement timestamps maybe.

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