Here is the way that my database is set up right now:

1 head guy < admin, access to everything
4 developers < users, access only to their specific reports, + the access page (which requires the edit permission for the table)

Right now, the access page prompts the user on opening with a "Data Source Logon" dialog, which is what I want it to do. Here's the problem:

If I open the page from outside of access, no matter what u/pw I try, no matter what the permissions are (I try logging in as the Admin), it gives me an error, "Object or provider is not capable of performing requester operation". The page opens, but the connection fails. If I decide to open it from within Access, the un/pw works, but for some reason the pivot table embedded in the page is blank.

If you can help me solve one or the other, it would be greatly appreciated.