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    Unanswered: is there something wrong with my oracle dbca

    when I run the dba , the following errors raised
    SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation
    stackbase=0xbfffebd8, stackpointer=0xbfffeaa0

    Full thread dump:
    "Finalizer thread" (TID:0x4119f210, sys_thread_t:0x444cee0c, state:R) prio=1
    "Async Garbage Collector" (TID:0x4119f258, sys_thread_t:0x444ade0c, state:R) prio=1
    "Idle thread" (TID:0x4119f2a0, sys_thread_t:0x4448ce0c, state:R) prio=0
    "Clock" (TID:0x4119f088, sys_thread_t:0x4446be0c, state:CW) prio=12
    "main" (TID:0x4119f0b0, sys_thread_t:0x8230fd0, state:R) prio=5 *current thread*
    java.lang.System.initializeSystemClass( )
    Monitor Cache Dump:
    Registered Monitor Dump:
    Thread queue lock: <unowned>
    Name and type hash table lock: <unowned>
    String intern lock: <unowned>
    JNI pinning lock: <unowned>
    JNI global reference lock: <unowned>
    BinClass lock: <unowned>
    Class loading lock: <unowned>
    Java stack lock: <unowned>
    Code rewrite lock: <unowned>
    Heap lock: <unowned>
    Has finalization queue lock: <unowned>
    Finalize me queue lock: <unowned>
    Dynamic loading lock: <unowned>
    Monitor IO lock: <unowned>
    Child death monitor: <unowned>
    Event monitor: <unowned>
    I/O monitor: <unowned>
    Alarm monitor: <unowned>
    Waiting to be notified:
    "Clock" (0x4446be0c)
    Monitor registry: owner "main" (0x8230fd0, 1 entry)
    Thread Alarm Q:
    /u01/app/oracle/tzdb/bin/dbca: line 125: 12106 Aborted $JRE_DIR/bin/jre -DORACLE_HOM
    E=$OH -DJDBC_PROTOCOL=thin -mx64m -classpath $CLASSPATH oracle.sysman.assistants.dbca.Dbca $ARGUMENT

    can someone point out the problems and show me how to amend it.

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    Your OS? Unix ?
    I think you should check your os kernel value.

    Such as SHMMAX and so on ...

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