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    Unanswered: problem on restore database from one machine to another machine


    I got big problem on restore the database from one machine to another machine .

    It complaint about the unicode .

    WHat are the steps that I need to follow while restoring ?

    pls advise.

    Thank you very much in advanced .

    Best Regards,
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    The two machines are installed with different collation/sort order (how data is physically sorted on disk).

    1. If the machine on witch you are trying to restore the database to is empty (no other running databases) you could rebuid the master database to match the collation on your first machine (only if no other databases exists!!).

    2. If you don´t want to change collation o machine 2 (because it exists other databases) you could transfer the database from one machine to the another.

    Hope it helps!
    - Jonte

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